Cover: My Master Thesis

The title of my master thesis is “Is a picture worth more than a 1000 words?” with the subtitle; “A press photographs role in a news article”. The cover is suppose to give the reader a sense of what it is about. The context is newspapers and the focus is the collaboration between a photograph and the text elements.

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Poster: Photography

This poster was made to advertise the large amount of photos that I took at the concerts at Studenterhuset in Aalborg.

Cover: Agenda Magazine

This Agenda Magazine cover is suppose to show the irony of networking. The editing is done in Adobe Photoshop and about 15 photos were taken.

Cover: 8. Semester Paper

The title of the paper is “To Be, A Digital Journalist”. The purpose of the cover is to depict the content of the paper, which is a comparison between classic journalism and the newer and maybe different digital journalism.

Press Pass: Aalborg Studenterradio

A press pass for the volunteers of Aalborg University radio, for them to use when they go out as ambassadors of the radio.

Cover: 5. Semester Project

The title of the project is “It’s All About Them” and is about the reform of the Danish high schools.

Poster: DJ Party

A poster to advertise the so-called DJ party at Aalborg International Kollegium in the spring of 2005.

Flyer: Indy-morning Radioshow

A flyer made to advertise my morning radioshow at Aalborg University radio.

Poster: AIK Beer Fridge

A poster/sign to inform residents of Aalborg International Kollegium, where to find a key for the beer fridge.